Wholesale Pricing

Thank you so much for your interest in D. Kay by Tina Renee

wholesale pricing! All our products are 100% all-natural, vegan, eco-friendly, and follow EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.


D. Kay Candles are housed in 8 oz glass jars, with a black plastic lid, and they come with 40+ hours of burn time. We use an all-natural soy wax made from soybean oil, eco-friendly cotton wicks, and organic/non-toxic fragrance/essential-infused oils.

Your Candle Wholesale package will include:

Detailed Aroma & Energy Property Guide for customer distribution

Candle Care Tips for customer distribution

Standard website pictures for retail sale purposes


Our wholesale pricing is calculated by the following basic formula:

30% off the price of what our candle retails for

Example: $14.00 – 30% = $9.80/per candle



One case equals 24 candles

* There is a one case minimum for wholesale orders *

Shipping fees are calculated once your order is confirmed.

Customer is responsible for *All* shipping fees –

Orders that are Picked up do not require a shipping fee 

1-3 Cases - 24 candles per case - $9.80 per candle

Each case of 24 $235.20

3+ Cases - 24 candles per case - $9.00 per candle

Each case of 24 $216.00


If you are interested in moving forward with a wholesale application, please email us.


Thank you for growing with us!