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Our  Formulas are specifically handcrafted with all natural and industry standard met ingredients. The natural properties and essential oils used in our formulas have been scientifically proven to boost dopamine levels 
(the happy hormones).
To sum it all up, Whiffs vegan spritzers give YOU and Your HOME that
Feel Good Factor!

The natural aromas from our selected essential oils are intentionally chosen for their amazing and magical uplifting qualities, perfect for anyone looking for a mood boost or pick-me-up, even your pets!  When used alongside your daily wellbeing rituals, our spritzers can aid in balancing emotions and keep you feeling positive!

Because, we've created a 100% vegan formula, our spritzers are both home and body safe! 
Spritz any room in your home and/or your garments with ease.
You can enjoy our Happy Formulas without the stress of toxins and unnecessary chemicals invading you and your loved one's space

And, just a friendly reminder that our friend, The Sloth,  has taught us on this journey - It's perfectly okay to slow down and take your time.

Thank you for choosing Whiffs!