Close your eyes and breathe in fresh and exotic summer air!

Imagine yourself receiving a massage while warm, salty ocean air breezes through your hair! The sweet, robust aroma of fresh-sliced tropical fruits, intoxicating ocean mist, and fresh sun drenched linens all in one bundle!

Our Summer Candle Extravaganza captures the very essence of Summer!


Our eco-friendly candles are housed in 8oz jars with 40+ hours of burn time and a delicious, captivating, fruity and sophisticated... mouthwatering experience!


California Skies : melon, apple, citrus, rose, lavender

Let's Day Dream : lemon, cotton candy, vanilla

Pink Prickly Pear : green apple, pear, pineapple, lily

Smells Like Summer : coconut, raspberry, citrus

Summer Candle Extravaganza

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