Drift away to paradise with this dreamy collection!

Floral! Fresh! Sweet! Refreshing! 

This is the perfect year 'round staple for all your good vibe cravings!

Candles :


Sparkling Mimosa : Deep flavored morsels of juicy citrus join with notes of sweet florals, green leaves, pineapple, rose, lavender, amber, vanilla, and cotton candy - A true aromatic Mimosa!


Yoga on The Beach : Refreshing combination of cedarwood, citrus, jasmine, rose, clove, and vanilla screams meditation!


Peony Garden : A sweet floral bouquet with fruity notes - The allure of a fresh Peony garden of  cherry, pineapple, pine, raspberry, and cotton candy


Cucumber Mist : A smooth melon and light floral melody - Soft & soothing yet SO robust!

Notes : fruity watermelon, banana, cucumber, lily, rose, jasmine, cotton candy, vanilla


8oz - 40+ burn hours 

Collectivly 32oz - 160 burn hours

Good Vibes Collection!

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