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We have all heard the term “aromatherapy”, but how many of us have heard of the phrase “Candle Aromatherapy”?!


When I started my journey as a Certified Aromatherapist, I knew I wanted to pour myself into, not only learning the fundamentals of aroma, but more importantly, how aroma plays a role in the life of a candle. Yes, candles have life, and they do an amazing job at making us feel!


As a Candle Designer, it was not enough to want to make “great-smelling candles”, I wanted to ensure that my customers would be receiving a candle that would promote an emotionally balanced life.


Candle Aromatherapy, to put it simply, is a form of holistic treatment for emotional health – Candle burning is designed to relax and/or stimulate the brain! Although Candle Aromatherapy should not be used in place of traditional medication, it can work alongside it.


There is a “science” behind Candle Aromatherapy which involves the extraction of natural essences from a wide variety of plants, flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves and roots. Those extractions are distilled, and the final product is an essential oil!


At D. Kay by Tina Renee, the safety and quality of our fragrance oils is our top priority. We use toxin-free, essential oil infused fragrance oils – This means the aroma that is released from our candles have met industry-leading safety standards!


Candle Aromatherapy comes with many benefits, including but not limited to : stress alleviation, alertness, headache and nausea ease, relaxation, aids with depression, and promotes feelings of energy and positive mood enhancement.


Happy Burning Friends!

Tina Renee